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Alternate Contact Appending

We can add contact details of other people from the same company or functional area to your database. So, if you would like to get the contact details of Associate Marketing Manager and the Senior Marketing Manager from ABC Company, we can help doing with contact appending services.

We have a database of 32 million business executives along with complete contact information including job titles. This enables us to add alternate contacts from the same company in your database.

Quick facts about our alternate contact appending services:

Alternate contact appending: It is a simple and powerful service of adding alternate contacts from the same company to your customer/prospect file. It’s a great way to reach multiple people in the same organization.

Alternate contact append rate: It ranges from 35 to 75% for B2B records. It is the success rate of appending correct alternate contacts to the client’s database.

Required information in data file: Name, job title, and company name.

Time required: Ranges from days to couple of weeks based on client’s requirements and the quality and size of data.

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