Are you wasting money in sending emails to invalid email addresses?

3% Americans change their job resulting in change of their email address every month. To keep the response rate of your email campaigns from dropping, you need to periodically update the email addresses in your master data file.

Our Email Change of Address (ECOA) appending service can help you keep your data up-to-date and accurate. This will help you retain old customers and save thousands of marketing dollars.

Quick facts about our ECOA services:

ECOA: Email Change of Address appending is a powerful service of adding most recent email address of the contacts in your database. It’s a great way to enhance your database and retain old contacts.

ECOA append rate: It is based on the quality of your data.

Required information in data file: Name, company name, and mailing address.

Time required: Ranges from days to couple of weeks based on client’s requirements and the quality and size of data.

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