SIC & NAICS Appending

Are you choosing the right industries for targeted marketing?

Add the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes or the new North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes to your business records to make them more precise and useful for targeted marketing.

You may use these codes to segregate your data based on industries across the US.

Quick facts about our SIC & NAICS appending services:

SIC & NAICS appending: It is a simple service of adding industry standard codes to your list of target companies. It's a great way to enhance your database and is a step forward towards targeted marketing.

SIC & NAICS append rate: It ranges from 65 to 85% for B2B records based on the quality of your data and list of companies.

Required information in data file: Company name and address.

Time required: Ranges from days to couple of weeks based on client's requirements and the quality and size of data.

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Why you must append your SIC/NAICS Codes today is to help your business databases enhance- it's a powerful solution with respect to determining a particular industry for target- oriented marketing.

What is SIC/NAICS Codes Appending Service?

For the most precise business classifications, it's a must for you to know everything about SIC/NAICS codes appending service as it'll help you identify and concentrate on your target!

SIC Code Appending:-

Add the 6- digit SIC codes to your business database to make your work easier when it comes to approaching the target industries effectively. SIC Code append is essential even today as businesses still update them and are widely used. You need to update your list with them too!

NAICS Code Appending:-

It's a new system for business classification which shall eventually take over the SIC Codes system. NAICS has the ability to identify and code groups a lot better that SIC. Make sure your NAICS Codes Append is done today to prevent missing out on target industries.

Importance of SIC/NAICS Code Appending by Quick Appending

Your aim as a company is to determine the best business markets. How do you do that? Quick Append is here to append your SIC/NAICS codes. Our email appending services are going to help you know more about your possibilities, spread across miles! It'll also give you a sense of focus in markets which have high possibilities of further business.

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