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Data Cleansing

Do you know you are losing many business opportunities because of bad data?

Clean and updated data is essential for effective marketing. Many mistakes creep-up while people enter their details online and this might cost you many loyal customers.

There are many types of errors:

  • Wrong capitalization in names and addresses
  • Wong punctuation
  • Wrong titles (Mr./Mrs./Ms.)
  • Duplicates/multiple entries
  • Typos – spelling mistakes (hotmial.comm instead of
  • Incorrect syntax in email addresses
  • Dead domain names
  • Prank ids (
  • And many more

We can help you remove all such errors from your database and give you a clean and sharp database. We have automated tools for error hunting and we do manual verification for each of your record.

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What is data cleansing?

Data cleansing is the process which is very simple yet, effective- unnecessary data like invalid data is removed or amended from your database by your email appending service provider.

Why opt for data cleansing solutions?

As you know, data is increasing by every second. You need to keep track of when your database wears out. Else, it's going to be a downfall for your company. With data cleansing solutions, you can identify and repair inaccurate, redundant or incomplete data in no time!

“Quick Append is one of the best data scrubbers in USA and aim for data enrichment services in USA”

Why is data mining important?

Do not miss out on major opportunities to reach out to all because of your incomplete, invalid or corrupt database! Quick Append, one of the best data appending solution provider are here to provide you with cleansed data in no time at the most affordable rates. We ensure that we provide you with significant business value.

In fact, we're here to rectify several errors in your database like wrong title, duplicates, invalid or dead domain names, spelling errors and so on.

Process of Data Cleansing:

It's a short yet, very effective process:

Import data: We import your database.

Merge data sets: We merge databases from different formats and import it into our data cleansing system.

Rebuild missing data:Information which is missing is recreated- missing phone numbers, postal codes and so on.

Standardize data: Data is standardized such that separate columns have their respective data. For example, first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address and so on are in their respective columns, ensuring good organization.

Normalize data: The data has further edits- strt., for instance is changed to st. for uniformity, mr. is changed to Mr. and so on. Email addresses and phone numbers are also taken care of here.

De-duplicate data: There are high chances for duplication in your database for several reasons. While data cleansing, we also remove the duplicates and, we make sure that we or our client checks the database manually.

Enrich and verify data: External and internal sources are looked into while verifying the data. For example, yellow pages are referred to and so on to make sure the data is valid. NAICS code appending, etc. are done at this point too.

Export data: Finally, the database is returned back to you in whichever format you wish to receive it- XML, SQL and so on.

Why is Quick Append the best option for data cleansing solutions?

A data driven marketing survey by Tetra found an interesting observation- 40% of marketers, irrespective of their departments, do not use their databases efficiently. Why? Because of invalid or missing data! If they data cleanse, imagine the hidden potential of your company shoot up.

Why are data cleansing services so beneficial?

  • Improve the efficiency level of your customer acquisition services
  • Data cleansing solutions streamline business practices
  • A rise on the company's productivity level
  • Incredible hike on the revenue of your company
  • Better decision making

Data cleansing of Website Address Appending, SIC & NAICS Appending, and so on can be done today. See the change in your employees' perspectives. They're now going to enjoy their job as their databases are not going to disappoint them no more.

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