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Are you able to maintain accurate mailing addresses in your customer database?

You send marketing communication only to find out that some consumers in your database have vanished either because the individual has moved home or has passed away.

In such a situation, your continued effort to send marketing communications is a waste of time, effort and resources. It could cause offence and can damage your brand. Do you want your marketing campaigns to hit their targets without alienating customers and prospects?

Get mailing addresses appended to your data.

Quick facts about our B2C mailing address appending services:

B2C mailing address appending: Through this service, we withdraw details of home movers and deceased individuals from your existing database and add new addresses, thus helping you optimize your marketing campaign's success.

B2C mailing address append rate: Our mailing address append rates range from 35% to 65% for B2C records.

Required information in data file: Contact name and phone number. The information provided will be protected with full confidentiality.

Time required: The average time for the completion of the services depends on factors such as the size, quality and data age. After the process of mailing address appending, your data would be returned for a profitable marketing campaign.

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