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Fax Appending Services

Are incorrect fax numbers reducing productivity of your telemarketing resources?

Do you have fax numbers of all the contacts in your database? Usually when you collect information through online channels, you either do not get phone numbers or get incorrect ones, so try Quick Append Fax Appending Services.

To make your database active for effective telemarketing and generating more customers, you must have correct phone number of all your contacts.

We have an elaborate fax appending process, which is a combination of automated and manual steps, so that you can be assured of best results.

Quick facts about our fax appending services:

Fax appending: It is a simple and powerful service for adding working fax numbers on your customer/prospect file. It's a great way to open up another channel of marketing to your online prospects.

B2B fax appending rate: It ranges from 65 to 85% for B2B records. It is the success rate of appending correct phone numbers to the client's database.

Required information in data file: Contact name, company name, mailing address.

Time required: Ranges from days to couple of weeks based on client's requirements and the quality and size of data.

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