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Are you finding it difficult to reach your offline customers?

Your best prospects could be your offline customers. Indeed, 74% of repeat business comes from existing clients. Hence, it is indispensable to retain, acquire, and maintain them through online marketing strategies.

Stay connected with your valuable prospects online through our email appending services.

Quick facts about our B2C email appending services:

B2C email appending: This service makes it possible to reconnect with offline clients through email by finding their most recent deliverable opt-in email addresses. Email appending also enables you to reduce your marketing costs drastically.

B2C email append rate: Our B2C email appending append rates range from 25 to 40 % plus and this is achieved by our strong database of 30 million consumers. We keep this database updated and constantly increase the size by adding new records.

Required information in data file: Database with contact name, address, phone number.

Time required: Send us a sample of 50 records and you will receive append file in 48 hours. The average time for the completion of the services depends on factors such as the size, quality and age of the database.

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