Data Segmentation

What is data segmentation?

Data segmentation is a process of segmentation of data. It's a very powerful, effective style of approaching B2B or B2C marketing! Data segmentation services make sure that similar needs, interests, age groups, etc. are compiled together, customizing marketing strategies in the process as well!

Why customer data segmentation?

Customer segmentation is a very effective process as it helps the marketer interpret databases accurately, leading to apt marketing! Because of customer data segmentation, marketing is tailored, customized, leading to a 100% rise in the number of conversions.

Diverse customer data segmentation services Quick Append provides with Quick Append has been light years ahead of it's time. Therefore, we've readily been able to provide our clients with well- segmented databases in no time and by making use of various styles too. There are 3 major styles of data segmentation:

  • Data segmentation on the basis of firmographics or demographics- Firmographics come under B2B marketing and, demographics come more under B2C email appending. However, they function in almost the same way- segmentation takes place on the basis of various factors like size, location, age group, gender and more.
  • Segmentation on the basis of tiering- Tiering is all about segmenting each customer on the basis of it's importance on the conversion level- it's all about giving attention to those whom you expect 100% conversions from and not the 1%! It's a great, forward approach to one's marketing strategy because you're aware of each customer's potential.
  • Data Segmentation on the basis of needs- The method of data segmentation on the basis of needs is the most accurate method of segmentation. Yes, it's hard to compile such data however, Quick Append makes the hardest tasks the easiest.

Quick Append's customer data segmentation services pays off the best!

Quick Append is well- aware of the importance of data segmentation and data appending as well. Which is why, we provide with quality services, with no glitches, without wasting any time!

It's high time you try out our data segmentation services and pinpoint each move you make towards marketing for each customer!

Data Segmentation pays off with:

  • Targeted marketing lists
  • Ability to personalize your messages
  • Enhanced brand image through loyalty programs
  • Improved campaign performances
  • Increased positive conversions
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